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  • The Sector for CIS and Baltic States of DIEPS IE RAS issued a scientific collection "Modernization of Economy: Factors, Instruments, Problems" ("Problems of the Post-Soviet Countries", Issue N 8) Editor-in-chief – Dr. (Econ.), prof. L.B.Vardomsky.

The full text (in Russian) is available here
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Modernization of Economy: Factors, Instruments, Problems" ("Problems of the Post-Soviet Countries", Issue N 8). Editor-in-chief L.B.Vardomsky. Moscow, DIEPS IE RAS, 2006. – 276 pp.

The collection is devoted to the problems of modernization of the economies of the CIS and Baltic countries. Interest to these problems is determined by the necessity of analysis of the changes going on in the economies of the countries which have lost their Soviet identity. On the other hand, the present research feeds reflection of general and specific features in the processes of modernization of the national economy. In the collection there are investigated in detail the approaches of a number of the post-Soviet countries to the questions of economic modernization and strengthening of pro-innovation character of economic development. Considerable attention is devoted in the collection to external factors of modernization and especially to interdependence of the processes of regional economic cooperation and modernization of national economies.

The main conclusions arising from the contents of the collection are: 1) conditions of modernization of economy strongly differ in the loviet states, they substantially differ within separate countries as 1; 2) the Baltic countries thanks to their membership in the EU, considerably outstrip the CIS countries by the pace of modernization; 3) primitivization of the economies of the CIS countries and predominance of the productions putting out production with low degree of processing, delay of the processes of modernization restrain the integration processes; 4) coordination of the programs of modernization of the national economies, creation of mechanisms of their realization (banks, stock markets, exchanges etc.) on the joint basis will promote acceleration of the processes of integration of the new independent states.

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NewThe next issue of the Journal "The World of Transformations", 2018, N 3 is preparing to be published.

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October 28-29, 2010

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