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  • On April 26, 2007 within the framework of implementing the International project "Eurasian Initiative: Economic Integration and Civilisation perspectives" Deputy director of the Institute of Economy RAS, Dr. (Econ.), professor Svetlana Glinkina presented the report of the Institute of Economy RAS "Russia-European Union-CIS Countries: Economic and Political Relations in Common Neighborhood Space".

The international project "Eurasian Initiative: Economic Integration and Civilization Perspectives" was launched by the initiative of the National Investment Council (NIS), the Institute of Economy (IE ), the Institute of economy and forecasts of National Academy of Sciences, the Ukraine, supported by MIA RF. The project stipulates research and evaluation of integration processes in Europe and Asia, holding research and conferences, wide scientific and public discussions, presentation and discussion of business projects and plans, edition of monographs, elaboration of offers to legislative and normative acts, active contacts with political and public figures, businessmen, representatives of creative intelligentsia within the activities of the club "Single Economic Space: Glance of Science and Business".

While discussing practical aspects of club activities the following experts took part: RS Grinberg, corresponding-member of RAS, director of the Institute of Economy RAS, V.M. Geets, academician of the National Academy of Sciences, the Ukraine, O.S. Sabden, the director of the Institute of Economy, MON, the Republic of Kazakhstan, A.A. Markov, head of the Centre for scientific and innovative research of the Institute of Economy for the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, N.Sh. Khasenova, director, department of international relations of the Ministry of economy and budget planning, the Republic of Kazakhstan, V.A. Yasinsky, deputy Chairman of Board of the Eurasian Development bank, B.N.Kuzik, general director National innovative company, “New energy projects”, M.L. Pleshkin, head of the department for cooperation with the CIS countries of the ministry of industry and energy, V.N. Remyga, councilor of the Chairman of Board of Directors of the Unified industrial corporation and others.

Deputy Director of the Institute of Economy RAS, Dr. (Econ.), Professor S.P. Glinkina presented to those assembled the basic theses of collective report “Russia-EU-the CIS states: economic and political relations in common neighborhood space”. Present-day situation is evaluated by the report members as extremely unfavorable for realizing national and state interests of the Russian Federation in external political and external economic spheres. EU and Russia are unequal partners in virtually all relations. Overcoming this crisis, as considered by the authors of the report, should be searched in conjugating efforts of the Russian politics at both crucial directions. In practice, unfortunately, there emerged a tradition to consider these directions isolated one from another. Negative tendencies may be overcome only by efforts of all countries for adjustment effective interaction in the triangle Russia-Europe – their common neighbors in the CIS.

Verbatim report of the presentation will be placed on the website of the National Investment Council.

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NewThe next issue of the Journal "The World of Transformations", 2018, N 3 is preparing to be published.

Moscow, Presidium of the RAS,
October 28-29, 2010

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