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  • On May 17, 2005 in the IIEPS RAS was held a round table "Use of International Labor Force in Russia: Problems and Perspectives".

The main objective of the round table was taking an attempt to give a response to a very important issue for contemporary Russia on the opportunities for drawing international labor power. This issue is of special importance under the conditions of decreasing population size, unfavourable changes of its age structure, with significant growth of pension load on the budget. In the nearest future, such developments are likely to have a negative impact on the pace of economic growth. The experience for foreign countries, which are enduring or have endured such a test, may have a significant interest, especially from the view of finding the most effective, typical and nonstandard original solutions for drawing foreign labor force. The discussion was focused on various viewpoints with the regard to possible sources of replacement of labor force by the intake of foreign employees, as well as on various viewpoints of regional powers.

Preliminary range of problems for discussion was:

1. Foreign experience of foreign labor force intake.
2. Use of foreign labor force: the Soviet experience.
3. Legislation of the far-abroad and the CIS countries relating to labor immigration problems.

4. Forecasts concerning Russian economy's supportability with labor resources.
5. The role of international labor force in the economy of Russia and separate regions.

6. Political, economic and social risks related to use of foreign manpower.
7. Problems of improvement of Russian legislation relating to the use of foreign labor force.
8. Different approaches to feasibility and scopes of foreign labor force intake.
9. Forms and spheres of application of foreign employees.
10. Mechanisms for stimulation of foreign labor force intake.
11. Illegal labor immigration.
12. Social situation of foreign employees.
13. Taxation problems of international employees.
14.Transfer to home country of monetary assets, obtained by the foreign employees.

In the outcome of the round table, publication of a set of papers is scheduled.
Now the full text is available here(1061 kb, in Russian) .

Contact phone numbers: (+007) (095) 128-6780, 128-8597
E-mail: bah@transecon.ru
Executive secretary for organizing the Round table is Boris Aronovich Heifets

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