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  • On June 15, 2005 in the IIEPS RAS conference-hall the Academic Council for Scientific and Organizational Activities at its regular session discussed the research paper "Theoretical and Practical Aspects of the Natural Monopolies Reforms". Speaker: Ph.D. (Econ.), leading researcher of IIEPS RAS Marina A.Deryabina.

The paper* deals with the new theoretical approaches to natural monopoly. It describes the essential features of the appropriate branches of economy. The role of the state in the regulation of natural monopolies in the developed and transition economies is analyzed in the paper as well. The author compares the advantages and the shortcomings of various institutional alternatives of national monopolies as well as the perspectives of public-private partnership in this sphere. A special stress is put upon the legislation concerning natural monopolies in the CIS (see an appendix prepared by T.Yu.Litvinenko).


1. Introduction
2. Theoretical aspects of the natural monopolies activities
2.1. The evolution of the “natural monopoly” notion
2.2. The natural monopoly brunches of economy
2.3. Role and forms of the state participation in regulating the natural monopolies
2.4. Institutional alternatives in functioning the natural monopolies
2.5. Non-traditional theoretical approaches to the natural monopolies
3. The reforms of natural monopolies
3.1. Reforms in energetic industry
3.2. Reforms in gas industry
3.3. Reforms in rail-road industry
4. Conclusion
5. Appendix: Legislation on the natural monopolies in the CIS

* The paper is prepared by the financial support of the Russian Humanitarian Scientific Foundation (Projects 04-02-00131а and 03-02-00114а).

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