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  • On October 13, 2005 the round table on the subject "State Investments in Market Economy: Limits and Opportunities" was held in the IIEPS RAS conference hall.

In the outcome of the Round-table activities in the IIEPS RAS preparation of set of papers is in progress for being published as a separate book. Now the full text is available here (in Russian, 1069 kb)

The main objective of the round table was to make an attempt to provide an answer to such a crucial question for present-day Russia whether direct state intervention to the economy by means of making investments allows any opportunities. This objective is of special importance under conditions of considerable increase of profits from raw-materials exports, increase of the amount of Stabilization Fund and currency reserves. While the draft of 2006 budget was in progress, the issue of scales and directions of use of state investments caused sharp debates. In this respect, it may be particularly interesting to give an overview of the interests of those foreign countries, which apply such a mighty instrument as state investments, wherever to a smaller or to a greater degree. Various theoretical approaches and divergent experts’ views relating to the use of state investments in Russia were also assumed for consideration in the course of discussion.

Set of issues for discussion were:

1. Economic theories on state investments in market economy
2. Foreign states’ experience on the use of state investments
3. State investments in fast growing competitive economies (China, India and Singapore)
4. Role of state investments at various stages of economic development (during structural transformations, acceleration of economic rise, etc.)
5. Alternative forms of state intervention into economy
6. Efficiency of state participation in state companies
7. State acquisition of assets abroad
8. State investments as a form of private and state partnership
9. Probable spheres for use of state investments
10. Functions of investments fund
11. Loan guarantees as a form of state investments
12. Project selection schedule and other mechanisms relating to state investments realization

Contact phones: (095) 128-85-97, (095) 128-91-46

E-mail: bah@transecon.ru

Executive secretary for organization of the meeting – Boris Aronovich Heifets

Journal "The World of Transformations" Журнал Мир перемен

NewThe next issue of the Journal "The World of Transformations", 2018, N 3 is preparing to be published.

Moscow, Presidium of the RAS,
October 28-29, 2010

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