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  • On April 11, 2006 the Department for International Economic and Political Studies (OMEPI) of the Institute of Economy for RAS (IE RAS) held a round table on the subject "Russia’s Participation in International Development Assistance".
Since January 1, 2006 Russia has been presiding in the "G-8", with one of its objectives including development assistance for poor countries. Russian development assistance for the last 15 years has been mostly focused on debt remission, though now it’s more expedient to move to more constructive forms of interaction, recovery of old cooperation forms and molding of the new ones. The round table is to endeavour laying down the essentials of long-term strategy of economic relations with the developing countries on the principle of mutual advantage.

Range of subjects for discussion was:
  • Cooperation with developing countries of the former USSR: evaluation of experience.
  • Collapse of economic relationship system with the Third World countries after USSR's disintegration.
  • Russian economic and political interests in the globalizing world.
  • Settlement of debts due from developing countries as the way to revive trade and economic cooperation.
  • Russian participation in development assistance initiatives of the “G-8”.
  • Russian economic development strategy concerning the Third World in the ХХI century: balancing the Euro-Atlantic and Asia-Pacific vectors of foreign economic policy.
  • Partnership between state and private business in development assistance rendering.
  • Consideration of the CIS poor countries’ problems in Russia’s foreign economic strategy and policy.

A digest of round table papers and materials is planned to be issued on its completion. All those interested in contributing to the set of papers should submit their statements up to 10 pages and send them by E-mail.

Contact phones: (495) 128-91-70; 128-91-46
E-mail: bah@transecon.ru

Responsible secretary for organization of the meeting – Boris Aronovich Heifets

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October 28-29, 2010

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