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Presentation and discussion of research papers at the Academic Council for research and administrative activity



  • EU Expansion and Perspectives of Eastern German Lands (Leonid I.Tsedilin)
  • Global Domination Policy: From the 20th to the 21st Century (Vyacheslav I.Dashichev)
  • Is Russia Capable to Develop in a Swifter and More Effective Way? (Leonid V.Krasnov)
  • Theoretical and Practical Aspects of the Natural Monopolies Reforms (Marina A.Deryabina)

  • Challenges of Globalization and the Perspectives of Euro-Asian Integration (Alexander N.Bykov)
  • Migration Regime and its Influence on External Labor Migration in Russia (Irina A.Malakha)
  • New Forms of Risk Distribution: from Microeconomics to Banking (Sergey A.Sedov)
  • The Theory of Social Market Economy and Socio-Economic Transformation in the Post-Socialist Countries (Yuri K.Knyazev)

  • Multi-level Economic Structures in Global Processes: Peculiarities of Interaction (Leon Z. Zevin.)
  • Russia and Central-Eastern Europe: Emerging New Relations for early 21st Century (Igor I. Orlik)
  • The Problems of Introducing Single Currency of the Union State (Michael S. Lyubsky)

  • Ethno-National Problems (the Russian and World Experience of their Regulation) (Alla A. Yazkova)
  • Russia between Past and Future (Vyacheslav I. Dashichev)
  • Russian Regions: Transformation Trends Towards Independent Economic Subjects' Status (Marina A. Deryabina)
  • Sub-federal Aspects of Globalization: Russian Experience (Ruben N. Yevstigneyev)
  • The Russian Pension System and World Experience (Lyudmila S. Degtyar)

  • Globalization and Regionalization in light of Russia's Interests and Perspectives for Integration in Euro-Asian space (Alexander N. Bykov)
  • Privatization, property, control: priorities changed (Marina Deryabina)
  • The Russian-Ukrainian Economic Relations during post-Soviet period: Dynamics, Problems and Perspectives (Lydia S. Kossykova)
  • The Transformations of Social and Class Nature of the Communist Power in Europe and Asia (Anatoly P. Butenko)

  • Attraction of Foreign Investments by Issue of Securities (Седов С.А.)
  • Russia's Economic Development Pattern in Age of Globalization: the Role of External Factor (Leo Zevin, Margarita Strepetova, Natalya A. Ushakova)
  • Ten Years of Political Transformations in Romania (Nicholay I. Dovzhenko)
  • The Social Reforms in Transition Economies: Russia within the Framework of Central and East European Countries' Experience (Lyudmila S. Degtyar')
  • The Southern Direction of Russian Foreign Policy (the Caucasus-the Black Sea region -the Balkans) in the New System of International Relations (Alla A. Yazkova)

  • Globalization as a Challenge to World Economic Order (Oleg T. Bogomolov)
  • Russia's Policy and Cooperation with Eastern Asian States in 1990s (Marina Ye. Trigubenko)
  • Slovenia's Economic Phenomenon and its Significance (Yuri K. Knyazev)
  • Some Theoretical Aspects of the CIS Countries' Economic Cooperation (Alexei V. Shurubovich)

  • China: Development Problems and Contemporary Historiography (Leo P. Delyussin)
  • Foreign Direct Investments to the CIS Countries (Victor A. Durnev)
  • International Financial Crises and the Lessons for Russia (Alexander N. Bykov)
  • The Transcaucasian States and Russia (Alla A. Yazkova)
  • The Transformations in Russia and China: Similarities and Differences (Anatoly P.Butenko)

  • Economic Reforms and Russia's Structural Policy (V.N. Gavrilov)
  • Reforms and Regional Economic Policy in Chinese People's Republic of China (1979-1997) (Lyudmila I. Kondrashova)
  • The Left Turn Problem in the Central and East European countries (Nicholay I. Buharin, Nicholay I Dovzhenko.)
  • The Origins and Nature of Ideological Crisis in Post-Communist Russia (Alexander S. Tsipko)

  • Foreign Economic Liberalization and Russia's Regional problems (Leonid B. Vardomsky)
  • Market Economy and Market socialism: Soviet, Russian and Chinese experience (Anatoly P. Butenko.)
  • Russia and the CIS: the Search for a new Model of Economic Cooperation (Ruslan S. Grinberg, Lydia S. Kossikova)
  • Russia's National Security and NATO's Expansion (Vyacheslav I. Dashichev)
  • The Russian Diaspora in new abroad Countries (Kazakhstan, Latvia, Georgia): Problems and Possible Ways of Solution (Alla A. Yazkova)

Journal "The World of Transformations" Журнал Мир перемен

NewThe next issue of the Journal "The World of Transformations", 2018, N 3 is preparing to be published.

Moscow, Presidium of the RAS,
October 28-29, 2010

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