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Reorganization of RAS Institute of Economy Scientific Unit Structure.

In accordance with decision of the RAS Institute of Economy Academic Council dated October 19, 2006 the following changes have taken place in the structure of the IE RAS Department for International Economic and Political Studies (OMEPI IE RAS):

1. The Centre for Comparative Economic Studies has been transformed into the Centre for Theory of Economic Transformations IE RAS;
2. The Centre for Social Studies has been transformed into the Sector for Social Services Economy IE RAS;
3. The Centre for the Analyses of Risks and Crises has been transformed into the Sector for the Analyses of Risks and Crises IE RAS;
4. The Centre of Industrial Policy has been transformed into the Sector for Innovation Development Institutions IE RAS and the Sector for Fuel and Energy Complex Development IE RAS

Detailed information is available (in Russian) on the website http://www.inecon.ru in the rubric IE RAS Units.

5. Within the structure of DIEPS IE RAS four Centres, constituting academic school of "International Economic and Political Studies" have been incorporated:

  • The Centre for Foreign Economic Studies
  • The Centre for Problems of Globalization and Integration
  • The Centre for Comparative Studies of Transformation Processes
  • The Centre for Political Studies

  • Detailed information is available on the website http://www.imepi-eurasia.ru in the rubric OMEPI IE RAS Units.

    Journal "The World of Transformations" Журнал Мир перемен

    NewThe next issue of the Journal "The World of Transformations", 2018, N 3 is preparing to be published.

    Moscow, Presidium of the RAS,
    October 28-29, 2010

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